1. The goals

The main goal of this project was to rebuild the FITMANIA app in to a chatbot app for iOS. The new app called RunRun.io would be a health & fitness platform which helps you to reach your sport goals with the support of coaches or let you be the coach of someone else. We wanted to create a combination of good user experience and functionality provided with human language by messaging. The new app would have new identity that we would have to design.

2. Inspiration

The inspiration for the user interface came from big brands like Facebook and Instagram and also by a design trend that some people call "Complex Reduction". What would that mean is flat and minimal design taken one step further. Some of the characteristics of this trend are bigger and bolder headlines and text in general, simpler icons and extraction of color.

3. Research and Flows

The chatbots are a trending topic but I feel like the peak of it was when this project was happening. It was the first time I'd design an app from this type, too. Having used chatbots before helped me in a way but I still needed to take it further. Blogs and sites like Chatbots Magazine, Botsociety, Chatbot Academy helped us understand more about how those chatbots work, what are some trends of user input, interactions and how people perceive them.

Research also transitioned in the general flow of the program. Taking in mind we had to implement the features of FITMANIA, we used the screens we made for it here to establish the flows that the user will go through. The specifications of the project helped us too.

4. Designing the screens

Having clearness on the flow and the specifications, we started designing the user interface in 2 iterations.

After trying out different font and color combinations, taking in mind user and product needs, we chose the Rubik combination for boldness and overall firm and "coach serious" font and Roboto for best readability in the chat. The white color ensures the minimalistic and modern feel while the orange gives the app the warm, after workout, feeling of energy and progress.

The main features of the RunRun.io app are in the chat with a bot coach or real person. The goal was to not make them too complicated talking both functionality and interface design.